Some people call it site optimization, some call it search engine optimization (SEO), some call it search engine marketing (SEM), some call it Web promotion, some call it search engine positioning (SEP), some call it search engine strategies (SES). Regardless what you call it, let help with your search engine needs.


There is a common myth that the major search engines only use ‘meta tags’ to decide how high in their listings your site is ranked. While meta tags are a factor for most engines (although a few major ones such as Google pay no attention to them), search engines actually look at every aspect of your site, from the names of the images, to the comments in the code, to the tiny legal statement at the bottom of your page.

Because also specializes in search engine placement, we design with the search engines in mind, and take their behaviour into account at every step of the way, maximizing your chances of being ranked above your competitors.

When your website is ready to be placed on the web, we need to let people know that it exists. We offer manual submission of your web pages to the search engines and directories.

You no longer to search for the search engines, directories, and meta search engines before you begin your search. We make it easy for you to visit and submit to some of the top search engines and directories.

We can help drive qualified traffic to your site by improving your search engine rankings. We’ve secured thousands of Top-20, Top-10 and #1 positions for our clients in major search engines.